My husband has a framed copy of the front page of the sports section from 20 years ago. That is when he and his Glynn Academy baseball teammates beat South Effingham to capture the region title. The coverage was extensive, with a score box, several pictures, and an in depth article.

My husband has followed the Glynn Academy baseball team this season hoping this would be the team to bring the region title back to GA. He was so excited Friday night when this year's GA baseball team won region. We got a paper Saturday morning, excited to read all the coverage. That excitement turned into disappointment. The first baseball region title in 20 years and it’s on the second page of the sports section? A limited article at that?

These boys and coaches have worked extremely hard, and their families, friends, and followers of GA baseball would like to read all about their accomplishments in detail, like you have given other teams in this county when they have won region championships. If your sports editor would like to see how it was done 20 years ago, I will be glad to bring my husband's framed copy up to the Brunswick News for you to study and make mental changes to make sure that all teams in this community get equal recognition when hard work turns into championships.

Kristen Thomas