I would suggest Glynn County needs to rethink its emergency plan. I believe, with the exception of the Florida Keys, Glynn was the only county in Georgia or Florida that dramatically restricted re-entry after the storm. Many Florida cities have designated evacuation zones. If our county has them, they should be used. If not, they should be created. I can’t imagine anyone in a non-flood zone or whose residence can withstand hurricane winds would ever evacuate given the hassle of getting home.

Perhaps a new SPLOST needs to be created to generate money for updating sewer and water infrastructure. These money needs to be administered by an independent auditor, not controlled by the JWSC. Water and sewer rates are high enough. Another method of funding upgrades is needed.

Considerable pressure should be put on Georgia Power to modernize the power grid. I realize we live in an area where there are many large trees and other objects that may impact power lines, but surely spending on eroding electrical infrastructure would help get the power grid operational sooner after storms such as Irma. We have friends in Ft. Lauderdale and New Port Richey, Fla., who were hit harder by Irma. Neither of them lost power or cable during the storm.

Reach out to your county commissioners to accomplish this.

Kudos to The Brunswick News for allowing access to its website during and after the storm. This kept evacuated residents informed. Also to Comcast, and I assume AT&T, for opening WiFi hot spots for general use.

Tom Klemer