For weeks there have been numerous political advertisements posted about county manager Alan Ours paid for by Jeff Kilgore. Every advertisement makes him out to be a waste of taxpayers’ money and a complete failure.

It makes me wonder what Jeff Kilgore has against Ours. Don’t tell me it isn’t personal when Kilgore continuously makes a point of calling out Mr. Ours, even posting his picture in the advertisements. One advertisement would be understandable, but this is becoming childish.

Jeff Kilgore wants to talk about the money Ours has wasted. Seems to me, he’s doing much of the same thing with his full page, bold-lettered advertisements. Mr Kilgore would be better off saving his money and dealing with issues face-to -face with Mr. Ours, like an adult, rather than taking up space in the paper every week.

Dianna Hudson