I am a member of WIN-Glynn LLC, writing in response to the column attributed to Bill Brunson, Chairman of the Glynn County Board of Commissioners (BOC). My first obligation is to thank the editorial board of The Brunswick News for their sense of fairness and equity.

Mr. Brunson, in his column, alleges that “The attacks in the advertisement are completely baseless . . .” The problem with that statement is that I met personally with Brunson and explained each charge and provided him with documentation of the facts contained in the ad we ran on Saturday. Unfortunately for Brunson, I had another person with me, who can attest to the topics covered in that meeting. Further, I have appeared before the BOC three times this year detailing the charges, and providing documentation of the charges in the ad.

Due to space limitations, I cannot address all of the points, but let’s take just two or three for illustration. The ad alleges that Ours violated the Open Records Act guidance by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia in the hiring of the Director of Community Development. I have provided The News with a copy of that guide, which clearly states that a “department head” is required disclosure.

Ours hired a consultant from Savannah to work one day a week in the Community Development Department. The compensation rate is set at $150 per hour.

Section 2-2-1.5 requires Ours to “… enforce all orders, resolutions, ordinances and regulations of the board.” The ordinance requires Ours to “Ensure compliance with all applicable codes, laws, ….; initiate any actions necessary to correct deviations or violations.”

Not only has Ours failed miserably at enforcing the ordinances, he has refused to pursue the required “… any actions necessary to correct deviations or violations.”

It has been documented in this publication that the planning and zoning capability has been decimated by the misconduct and malfeasance of the previous director, who Ours insisted on retaining even though it was well known that he was not technically proficient, that his management style alienated staff and he failed at retaining capable people.

My appearances before the BOC are documented and available in the video archives on the county website. You can find the ordinances there as well.

So let’s look at a couple of specific failures by the current staff in planning and zoning, and the continuing failure of Ours.

Members of WIN-Glynn LLC were directly involved in the opposition to Dollar General, Pilar Hotel, Lucas Properties Holdings III LLC and the Sinclair tract proposed development.

Dollar General was rejected by the Islands Planning Commission and that decision has been supported in Superior Court.

However, the site plan application was critically deficient and incomplete and never should have been presented to the IPC.

The Pilar Hotel site plan application contained violations of ordinance sections 619.2, 619.2(a)(17), 619.2(a)(18), 619.2(a)(32), 619.4(a)(1), 619.4(a)(4), 619.4(a)(9). I don’t have the space, but you can look it up. The chairman of the IPC was guilty of massive abuse of power and misconduct during the consideration of Pilar. Just watch the video on the county website.

Lucas Properties involves a non-existent land disturbance permit and an illegal building permit.

Sinclair was reviewed by the consultant and the current staff and the preliminary plat was approved as “complete” and presented to the IPC. Unfortunately the developer did not own a significant part of the property, as was written about in this publication last week.

Mr. Brunson would do well to listen to the citizens of Glynn County, or his new title may be Prince of Prevarication. He also violated the Open Meetings Act with his column.