A very important process is starting at College of Coastal Georgia.

A committee has been formed including 14 people tasked with finding the college’s next president.

Since becoming a four-year institution offering bachelor’s degrees, this will be the college’s fourth president if the current interim Meg Amstutz is included.

The committee includes a lot of knowledgable and dedicated people who are faculty members, members of the college’s foundation board and people who have a vested interest in the college’s success and students and alumni.

We should be interested in this process and watch it closely. Who leads our local college will have a big impact on what happens there in the future.

This was not lost on Steve Wrigley, chancellor of the University System of Georgia.

“The committee plays a critical role in the future of the College of Coastal Georgia,” Wrigley said in a release announcing the committee.

More to the point, College of Coastal Georgia plays a critical role in the Golden Isles. The next president must be someone who understands this.

The college is not only a key cog in the educational structure of Southeast Coastal Georgia, it also serves a place where the community comes together to meet, to learn, to celebrate and to be enriched. It must remain a place of which we as a community can all be proud.

In the past nine years, College of Coastal Georgia has expanded its degree offerings, including most recently an environmental science program and a hospitality and tourism management degree.

The good news is there is still plenty of room on the campus for new buildings and plenty of opportunity for new degree programs that will only make our community stronger and supply it with a well trained, well educated workforce.

Whoever takes over as the new, long-term president must look at the college as an integral part of this community and as more than just a place where college kids go to school. The new president must forge quality relationships with the Glynn County School System, the city of Brunswick and Glynn County and must maintain an already quality partnership with Southeast Georgia Health System.

The college lately has taken some heat from some people locally for the actions of a few basketball players who have acted on their own and made their own decisions to kneel during the national anthem.

While we wish those players would find a different way and a different place to make their political statements, their actions in no way should overshadow what College of Coastal Georgia means to Brunswick and the Golden Isles.

With a new president on the horizon, we have a chance to give CCGA yet another boost in the right direction and to strengthen its importance to our community.