The Roosevelt Lawrence Center on H Street in Brunswick is pegged as a recreation and community center for neighborhood children and adults.

To drive past it, however, you may never know it. Other than the brightly colored paint covering it, the cinderblock building has no windows, is surrounded by an unsightly chain-link fence and grass that sometimes is thigh-high before it is mowed. It is difficult to even find the main entrance if you don’t already know where it is.

Thankfully, it appears the city of Brunswick is aware this center for children looks more like a jail than a place for summer camps and other activities.

The city’s neighborhood revitalization manager, Shauntia Lewis, called in volunteers from Lowe’s Home Improvement store’s Heroes Project and a church retreat group from Warner Robbins calling itself Man Camp to help.

This week, those volunteers are adding some landscaping around the front entrance, painting the interior and making other improvements like installing a cubby station for backpacks, a computer station and a new washer, dryer and refrigerator.

These improvements will no doubt provide a much more child-friendly environment and make the facility more usable for its purpose — being a center the entire community can both use and of which they can be proud.

This isn’t the first time the Lawrence Center has been the beneficiary of upgrades and improvements. City tax dollars and grant funding have already refinished floors and replaced the air conditioning, among other things.

Add all of it up and it appears the city is making a real investment in a community center that should be a point of pride for Brunswick. With basketball and volleyball courts, recreation areas with pool tables and other games and space to host afterschool programs and summer camps, the Lawrence Center is getting everything it needs to be a place people use often and enjoy.

We applaud the efforts of the city to give the center some love and the volunteers from Lowe’s and Man Camp for providing their labor to make our community a better place to be.