Glynn County seems to have missed the common refrain, “do it for the children.”

A 10-and-under all-star baseball team from the Glynn County Recreation Department was in East Point last week for a state championship tournament and paid for the entire trip with money from the parents of its players and donations.

While that is likely a common way for youth teams to pay for trips to tournaments, Glynn County seems to be behind the times a bit when compared to neighboring counties like Camden, McIntosh and nearby Liberty County.

All three of those counties contribute at least in part to the trips their recreation departments’ teams make for big-time statewide tournaments. All three counties are smaller than Glynn and have smaller parks and recreation budgets, but are still able to find ways to help their youngsters as they chase their championships.

The 270-mile trip to take second place in the state for the Glynn County team required lodging, meals and travel expenses for every child and at least a couple of coaches. Some parents can afford the trip. Others cannot, which is why other counties contribute.

Glynn County does pay for registration fees, but nothing else, a practice community services director John Powell said began in the 1980s. The prevailing thought seems to be that at some point roughly 30 years ago, the county stopped contributing because teams were raising the money themselves. The real reasoning is not known though.

“I don’t know the mindset behind it or how it came about,” said Powell, who has been with the county for less than two years.

He said the recreation department would have to ask for money to contribute from the county commission in the next budget.

This seems like a case of government simply doing one year what it did the year prior. Coach Jason Johnson of the 10U team may be just the catalyst the county needs to reconsider its position on the matter — at least we hope so.

Out of the more than $3.6 million budgeted for culture and recreation, it seems reasonable for the county to find a couple of thousand dollars to put toward helping next summer’s all stars.