Generators and groceries — those are on the mind of folks who stayed and those returning after Hurricane Irma left her mark on the Golden Isles. Both items and other necessities are available at several stores around Glynn County, whether they have power back or not.

Around the lunch hour Wednesday, the Walmart on the Altama Connector and the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Altama Avenue were up and running as close to usual as could be expected. Tuesday, the Altama Connector store let its associates know through social media that it could help local evacuees who work at the store to re-enter the county as essential personnel.

While it is normal for the Publix along the Altama Connector to be busy at lunchtime, the unique circumstances Wednesday made for an even busier afternoon. The Sam’s Club at Canal Crossing was also up and running, and membership fees are temporarily waived as the area recovers.

The Winn-Dixie on Glynn Avenue is also working near full operations, though in the early afternoon much of the produce was still off-limits. Staff at the store continued to work to stock what goods are in particular need — diapers, for instance — and/or in short supply otherwise.

Further north along Altama Avenue, Target was running on limited power, with no refrigerated groceries, and only a few checkout terminals open. However, they had plenty of water and all other goods, and staff said the intention was to remain open through normal hours.

The Winn-Dixie near I-95 Exit 38 was in a similar situation. While most of the rest of the store’s stock was in place and being replenished, staff said the building was running on generator power and they were going to stay open as long as the generator held out.

Over on St. Simons Island, both the Harris Teeter on Sea Island Drive and the Winn-Dixie in Retreat Village were at nearly full normal operations, with not fully, but well-stocked sections of refrigerated and frozen goods.

On the discount side, Save-A-Lot on Altama Avenue remained boarded up Wednesday — the parking lot and area around the store suffered minor but lengthy flooding earlier in the week, which could impact the store and neighboring businesses as they work to reopen. The Family Dollars near Exit 38 and on Norwich Street remained closed, but both Dollar General stores on Altama Avenue and Norwich Street were open and going as residents restocked home supplies.

For needed tools — power and otherwise — both the Lowe’s on Altama Avenue and the Home Depot on Altama Connector did brisk business through midday Wednesday, as more than one customer emerged with generators, gas cans and electrical cords to make up the difference between now and an indeterminate restoration of electricity by Georgia Power.

For those without power, air conditioning at the grocery stores are running at close to normal operations.