Georgia’s State Revenue Commissioner Lynne Riley spoke to the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce at its Spring Membership Luncheon on Wednesday at the Sea Palms Conference Center on St. Simons.

Lauren McDonald/The Brunswick News

The day after Tax Day, Georgia’s State Revenue Commissioner Lynne Riley spoke to the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce at its Spring Membership Luncheon.

“I hope all of you remembered what yesterday was and got those postmarks done by midnight,” Riley said Wednesday. “For that, the department and the state of Georgia is very grateful.”

Riley spoke to the chamber about the work done by the Department of Revenue and its important role in the state’s economy.

She also gave the chamber a preview of an upcoming initiative from the state to modernize its driver’s license distribution system.

“The ultimate goal is that you do all of your interactions for motor vehicle or driver’s licenses services online,” she said. “We are developing a technology that will be able to ensure your identity but be able to provide you with a 21st Century, state-of-the-art system.”

She said the revenue department is working with the Department of Driver Services on this project, which she said will hopefully launch July 1.

The current system used was put in place in the 90s and due for an update, Riley said.

“It is so well overdue that we get ourselves into the 21st Century, with our goal being that … driver’s license owners will never have to go to any tag office or driver’s license office again,” she said.

Riley had to stop speaking at this point, because applause broke out in the luncheon room.

She also encouraged attendees to make use of and spread the word about the revenue department’s website, the Georgia Tax Center, found at gtc.dor.ga.gov

While it is not yet possible for the department to accept individual income tax returns directly online, she said other features of the site could be handy for state residents.

“You can register on the Georgia Tax Center if you have filed an income tax return with the state and be notified when a return is received by the department from your social security number,” she said. “This is one simple way that we can ensure not only did you receive your tax return … but if we receive a tax return on a social security number that wasn’t you, that is the quickest way we can block that return and protect your identity.”

Riley thanked the chamber members for the work they do locally to promote businesses and strengthen Georgia’s economy.

“Each of you are the reason my job is a privilege and a pleasure,” she said. “The prosperity that you all are achieving in your endeavors in public and private circuits are the reasons why the state of Georgia is in such incredibly strong economic health and why we are the number one place to do business in the nation.”