The Glynn County School System has yet to announce when schools will reopen.

Virgil Cole, superintendent, said Wednesday afternoon about half the schools still do not have electricity restored.

“The biggest thing is getting power to those buildings as quickly as we can,” he said. “Georgia Power is working hard to do so.”

The school system’s central office on Egmont Street also did not have power restored Wednesday. The school’s system fiber optics cable system, which provides internet, phone lines and other services to the schools throughout the district, is located in the central office.

Without power, food shipments could not be brought in to school cafeterias.

“We’re going to meet again (Thursday),” Cole said. “Our hope is to start by Monday, but we haven’t made a final determination on that yet.”

School system officials have also conducted initial assessments of damage to school property. Little damage has been found so far, Cole said.

“One of the wings (at Burroughs-Molette Elementary) had some damage, but no water got into the classrooms,” he said. “Everything’s more minor. We came out pretty well from a facilities standpoint.”

Both schools on St. Simons Island — Oglethorpe Point Elementary and St. Simons Elementary — also fared well through the storm, he said.

“I went in every room in St. Simons Elementary, and we came out well," Cole said. "Some trees were down, and the water got within a foot of the front door. But other than a lot of water at the door, it didn’t get any damage at all.”

Brunswick High School has served as a central location for emergency personnel throughout the storm, and Cole said the school system was happy to provide this space.

“We’re glad to help our first responders,” he said. “They have been incredible.”