Glynn County Schools Superintendent Howard Mann announced this week that four elementary schools will have new leadership at the start of next school year. None of them will be new to the area though.

Effective July 1, four principals will be transitioning to other schools in the district. Mann said he expects these changes will benefit all schools and principals involved.

“Our goal as a school district has always been to show continuous improvement in the standards and measures that are used to gauge school performance, and we believe that these administrative changes will benefit the four schools involved and enable them to reach that next level,” Mann said. “This was a district decision and is in no way an indictment of the people, staffs or schools involved.”

Tere Miller, the principal at Golden Isles Elementary School, will be moving to Satilla Marsh Elementary. Kathie Matthews, Satilla Marsh principal, will be switching places with Miller and will move to Golden Isles Elementary.

A similar situation will play out at C.B. Greer and Oglethorpe Point. C.B. Greer principal Anna Wiles will take over at Oglethorpe Point Elementary and Oglethorpe Point principal Carter Akins will transition to C.B. Greer.

Mann said all four schools should continue to see improved College and Career Ready Performance Index, or CCRPI, scores. The CCRPI is Georgia’s comprehensive school improvement, accountability and communications platform that measures how well schools, districts and the state are preparing students for the next educational level.

He said he expects these four principals to successfully make this transition.

“Personally, this is an opportunity for the principals involved to grow professionally and to allow their strengths and talents to positively influence a new school,” he said. “Change can bring about new ideas and perspectives, as well as positive energy and focus. These are experienced and talented educators and I expect them to excel in their new school environments.”