Roughly 100 workers with Georgia Power crews are out in Glynn County working to restore power after Hurricane Irma and there should be as many as 200 workers by Tuesday afternoon, according to Georgia Power Regional Manager Paulo Albuquerque.

But progress will be slow because there are roughly 1 million people without power throughout the state in the aftermath of one of the largest hurricanes in recent years. On top of that, there are roughly 5 million more people without power in Florida.

Glynn County may have been hit equally as hard by hurricanes Irma and Matthew, but as Albuquerque has witnessed, “There’s a difference between this storm and Matthew.”

Matthew impacted a much smaller area. Irma, pushed north through the entire state of Florida before spreading her high winds and torrential downpours across all of Georgia.

“At this point, we have close to 1 million customers out in Georgia,” Albuquerque said. “And there are another 5 million in Florida. So you can see the scope of this.”

Still, although resources are spread out in many places, he said they are on the way for Coastal Georgia and Glynn County. Crews are currently completing assessments to find the right places to attack first so things are done properly the first time and so customers will have power without interruption, he said.

But getting to that stage will not be an overnight process. He asked that customers remain patient because getting everyone back up and running is a massive undertaking.

“People need to understand this is not a fast process,” Albuquerque said.

He expects to reiterate this and offer more at a 2 p.m. press conference planned at the Emergency Operations Center.