A woman in the Touchtone community responded Wednesday morning to perceived threats from aggressive dogs with gunfire, a strategy that missed the intended targets and landed her in jail, according to Glynn County police.

The 44-year-old woman allegedly fired six rounds from an American Tactical OMNI Hybrid, a gun similar to an AR-15, after she said the two dogs came onto her Lauren Lane property and tried to bite her, the report said. The dogs were unharmed, but one round struck the wall of the next door neighbor’s home and took out the dishwasher, the report said.

Police arrested Lisa Ann Rayfield for firing a gun near a highway or public street and criminal trespass, according to Glynn County Detention Center records. Rayfield was released later Wednesday after posting $1,256 bond, jail records show.

Lauren Lane is surrounded by several other neighborhood streets in Touchtone and is not far from Ga. Highway 99.

Rayfield called police at 8:18 a.m. after shooting at the dogs, allegedly admitting that she missed the dogs at hit the home next door, the report said. She told police the dogs were “running loose” in her yard and acting aggressively toward her. The report did not indicate whether the dogs belonged to the resident of the home that was struck by a bullet.

“Mrs. Rayfield advised that she was standing in her yard and shot at two dogs that were in her yard being aggressive towards her,” police officer Trevor Depp wrote in his report.

Emergency radio dispatchers indicated that Rayfield had previously talked to the neighbor about restraining the dogs. Finally, apparently, she resorted to gunfire, according to reports.

“Caller’s advising the neighbors’ dog keeps coming in her yard,” a dispatcher said in radio communications. “The dog came on her property and tried to bite her. She attempted to shoot the dog and missed. She then advised that when she shot, it went through the neighbor’s house ... She’s requesting something be done with the dogs because the (dogs’) owners won’t listen. She has been advised to put the weapon away.”

Rayfield was waiting when Depp arrived and told him the gun was in her bedroom. Depp then arrested Rayfield.

The officer recovered all six spent bullet shells in the yard and located the rifle inside the home, the report said.

The bullet that struck the neighbor’s home and passed through striking the dishwasher inside was retrieved by police in the home’s kitchen, according to authorities.