The day before Father’s Day, Charles Workman Jr. dropped to his knees with grief in the driveway at 108 Stafford Ave. as Glynn County Police arrived early Saturday morning, according to a police report.

Inside, Charles Workman Sr. lay dying of a gunshot wound to the abdomen, which police said was inflicted from a gun fired by his son, Workman Jr. The report said Workman Sr. called police to the home at 5:50 a.m., complaining that his son and some friends were “smoking drugs” in the front yard. Police said Workman Jr. allegedly confessed to shooting his father, saying he possibly did so because of drug use by the elder Workman.

“As I exited my patrol vehicle,” responding officer Robert Rash wrote, “Bubba fell down on his knees with his hands raised in the air and said, ‘Please help me sir. Sir, please help me. I shot my daddy, he smokes crack (cocaine) and I shot him.’”

County paramedics took Workman Sr., 65, to Southeast Georgia Health System’s Brunswick hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police took Workman Jr., 23, to the Glynn County Detention Center, charged with the murder of his father. Workman Jr. remained Monday in the county jail with no bond.

Athena Workman, the mother and wife of the two men, was in the front yard when police arrived, “very hysteryical” but able to lead police inside to her wounded husband, the report said.

Police found Workman Sr. on the living room floor, face down, with a “wooden handle steak knife” near his left hand, the report said. “Workman Sr. appeared as if he was either asleep and/or passed out,” Rash wrote in the report. After another officer kicked the steak knife under a couch and out of reach, Rash rolled Workman Sr. over.

“I observed blood gushing from an open wound to his lower abdomen,” Rash said in the report. “The wound was round in shape and from my training and experience the wound appeared to be a gunshot wound.”

Rash grabbed a nearby blanket from the couch and began to apply pressure to the wound. The report said Rash and another officer conducted first aid on Workman Sr. until county paramedics arrived.

Police said Workman Sr. first called police to the home early Saturday, complaining about the actions of Workman Jr. and his friends, according to the report. “Charles Workman Sr. said his son and four other males were in the front yard possibly smoking drugs,” the report said.

While in route, emergency dispatchers told the responding officers that the men had left the residence in a “burgundy Mercedes,” the report said. “Once on Stafford I passed the residence and proceeded to Sherwood Lane in order to turn around,” Rash said.

While turning around, Rash spotted the burgundy Mercedes parked on Sherwood Lane, the report said. Rash questioned the driver and a passenger. He also found a “blunt” marijuana cigarette, which he “destroyed with the sole of my boots” before releasing the suspects.

Upon returning to Stafford Avenue, officer Rash saw that Workman Jr. and Athena Workman were now “in the driveway in what appeared to be some type of altercation,” the report said. When he got out of his car, Workman Jr. allegedly dropped to his knees and confessed to shooting his father, the report said.

As one officer remained with Workman Sr., Rash and another officer ran toward the home.

“Athena Workman was on the front porch and very hysterical,” the report said. “Athena directed us to the front door and into the residence where I observed Charles Workman Sr. laying face down (on) the living room floor.”