The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed Friday that the human remains found Tuesday in western Glynn County were those of Linda Mansfield, the 72-year-old woman whom police allege was murdered in May by her son, county police Sgt. Brian Scott said.

Mansfield’s remains were discovered about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in a wooded area off Ga. Highway 32 near the Thalmann Community, police said. County Police later that night were able to tentatively identify Mansfield by matching the serial number of a pacemaker found with the remains to that of the woman’s medical records, Scott said.

Although police notified the family and issued a public statement that night that the remains were likely those of Mansfield, the determination still required forensics investigators’ confirmation from the GBI’s Crime Lab in Savannah. The GBI confirmation came Friday following a forensic dental investigation, Scott said.

Police had not previously revealed the evidence found at the scene that helped them confidently identify Mansfield.

“This was achieved by comparing the serial number of a pacemaker located with the remains to Mrs. Mansfield’s medical records,” Scott said. “Mrs. Mansfield previously had a pacemaker implant, and both serial numbers matched.”

A member of a nearby hunting club found Mansfield’s remains Tuesday about 100 yards from the roadway, Scott said.

A grand jury indicted John William Rosevelt, 50, with the murder of his mother in July, even though exhaustive searches for her body at that time turned up nothing. However, Police Investigator Jeff Williams convinced the grand jury that sufficient evidence existed to show that Rosevelt allegedly killed his mother in her home at 103 MacKay Drive, and then tried to dispose of the body and “clean up and remove bodily fluids” from the home. Police said Rosevelt allegedly killed his mother by “hitting and striking her,” the affidavit said.

Rosevelt lived with his widowed mother in the Marshes of MacKay neighborhood at the time. Shortly before disappearing, Mansfield told a state Adult Protect Services worker that she feared her son was stealing from her. When the state worker arrived at the home on May 22, Rosevelt allegedly told her that his mother went to Savannah with a woman named “Glenda.”

Glynn County police responded the next day, arresting Rosevelt on charges of theft and fraud for allegedly writing checks from Mansfield’s bank account for cash to himself. Police also found Mansfield’s cellphone, pets and car at the home. A neighbor and old friend told police Mansfield would never leave her pets unattended for so long.

Mansfield was last seen alive the week of May 15, police said.