The Jekyll Island Authority has entered Phase 2 of its re-entry plan, which means public access is again open. The authority released the following statement: 

On Thursday, September 14, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. Jekyll Island will move into Phase 2 of our Re-entry Plan. Phase two for Jekyll Island is public access. Please be aware, the island is still without clean water and full power (see below).

We strongly urge you to allow Jekyll Island residents, homeowners, and businesses to return to the island first, before visitors. It is crucial that these groups, along with our recovery crews, are given the space and time needed to complete recovery before visitors arrive.

It is imperative that clean up and power crews be allowed to work and should not be interrupted. Recovery will go much faster if everyone will remain at their homes and let the crews complete their work.

If you have travel planned to Jekyll Island, please contact your hotel or rental property directly for an update on property conditions.

What to expect when you return:


Georgia DOT has confirmed that the Jekyll Island Downing Musgrove Causeway bridges are safe to be traveled by the public.

Storm Debris

Teams have done an incredible job and the vast majority of roads on the Island. Homes and businesses are accessible, but you may experience detours. The bike paths are impassable and are extremely dangerous. DO NOT attempt to navigate paths at this time.

Water & Sewer

The Jekyll Island Water & Wastewater plant now has power, and island lift stations are running on generators. There is still a boil-water advisory in effect for Jekyll Island until further notice.


There are still power lines down on the island, and power is unreliable or completely out. Please use the utmost caution when you return. It is imperative that the power crews be allowed to work and should not be interrupted. Any questions about individual properties should be directed to Georgia Power at 888-660-5890. We anticipate that Georgia Power crews will remain on-island during daylight hours until they fully restore power, but their resources are stretched very thin with storm response throughout the southeast. Please check the Georgia Power outage map ( ) for more information.

Safety & Security

Georgia State Patrol and Military Police teams are currently in place on Jekyll, and will continue to have an increased presence on the island to ensure law and order until recovery is complete. The safety and security of the island is our priority.


Curfew will continue on Jekyll Island until further notice. Curfew begins at 10 p.m. through 6:00 a.m. During a curfew, it is prohibited for any person to appear in public in the territory subject to the curfew, including but not limited to, streets, highways, alleys, sidewalks, vacant lots, parks, public buildings or any other public places on Jekyll Island during the stated hours of the curfew.

Beach Crossovers

The vast majority of beach crossovers/accesses are lost or damaged and should not be used at this time. The ONLY beach access points that should be used at this time are as follows:

· #18 – King

· #26 – North bath house

· #30 – Tortuga Jacks

· #32

· #36

· #42

· #57 – South Dunes

· #67 – St. Andrews

If you see caution tape on a crossover DO NOT attempt to use it, you will be in extreme danger. The access paths for Driftwood Beach are not accessible at this time because of fallen trees and debris.


Flash Foods will be open tomorrow, September 14, 2017.

Cable and Phone

Please check with your service provider for updates on outages and restoration.

Trash Collection

Waste Management will begin regularly scheduled pickups on Monday.

JIA Debris Removal Schedule

The JIA will issue a zoned pick-up schedule later this week.


The Jekyll Island Airport will reopen tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., along with the rest of the island.

What can I do to help?

We ask that everyone allow Jekyll Island residents, homeowners, and businesses to return to the island first, and give the crews time to complete storm clean up and power restoration before visiting. We also ask residents and businesses to please stay off of the roads as much as possible to allow crews to continue clean up and repairs.

Tree removal

During storm recovery you will NOT be required to use a JIA approved tree company. You are permitted to use any tree company you wish for tree removal. A list of area tree services is provided below. This is not a complete list. Additionally, tree permits will NOT be required to remove a tree that has fallen on your property, is lying on your home or property, or poses a safety risk. Permits will resume once recovery is complete, and a notice will be sent accordingly.

Please note, your tree company MUST remove the tree and all related debris once work is complete. JIA cannot be responsible for this debris removal.

Forestview Tree Service

Justin Snell

Office: 912-634-3581

Cell: 912-577-1011

Affordable Tree Service

Mike Barta

Office: 912-297-0029

Cell: 912-202-6025

Big John’s Tree Service, Inc.

John Grant

Office: 912-264-7503

Cell: 912-996-0582

Bennett’s Tree Service

Donnie Bennett

Cell: 912-242-5437

Stump Sam Tree Service


D&M’s Tree Services


Wright’s Tree Service