Jekyll Island is experiencing 40-50mph winds and a threat of severe storm surge. This will continue throughout the afternoon. The possibility of tornadoes still exists. Anyone remaining on-island should continue to shelter-in-place. This is still a very serious situation. Storm conditions are dangerous and it is not safe to travel. Do not leave your homes, and stay off the roadways.

Re-entry & Curfew

Re-entry to Jekyll Island has not been activated. Do not return to the island. There is a Military Police officer stationed at the causeway and you will not be permitted to enter Jekyll Island. The Sidney Lanier Bridge also remains closed, and Jekyll Island emergency personnel are not responding to calls.

Jekyll Island curfew is still in effect, 10 p.m. – 6 a.m., until further notice. The Georgia State Patrol, DNR Law Enforcement, and Military Police are patrolling both the causeway and the island to ensure the protection of life and property.

ALERT: Water/Sewer Services Off

Because of a significant loss of pressure and the continuing storm conditions, water services have been shut off island-wide. Power outages have shut down sewer services as well. At this point, it is unknown when services will be restored.

 As the storm progresses and conditions change, we will continue to issue updates.