The Georgia National Guard and Glynn County Police block the entrance to Glynn County on U.S. Highway 17 at the McIntosh County line Wednesday.

Tiffany Fields/The Brunswick News

Glynn County will open its borders to evacuees at 8 a.m. Thursday, according to Glynn County Manager Alan Ours. 

Officials are warning people to be cautious about limited sewer infrastructure, downed power lines and trees, wildlife in places it does not belong and to be mindful that much of the county is still without electricity. 

Phase 3 of the reentry plan includes Jekyll Island.  

"If you are comfortable where you are, then stay there, because you may not have power when you get back," said Bill Brunson, chairman of the Glynn County Commission. "As well, conservation measures on water (usage) will still be in effect." 

Earlier this morning, officials painted a stark picture of the condition of Glynn County's infrastructure after Hurricane Irma. Brunson said later, however, that it became clear residents want to get back home.

"We want to allow people to get back home to assess their property and other needs," he said. "We know its been a hardship for many, but just understand, coming home might not be what you are expecting." 

He added that the county will have shelters open for those who find their property unlivable. So far, the only shelter approved will be at Selden Park.

The CodeRED alert from the county announcing the opening reads as follows: 

"Beginning 8 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 14, Glynn County, the City of Brunswick, and Jekyll Island will be implementing Phase 3 of its reentry plan. Phase 3 allows residents to return. Please be advised that critical infrastructure is still fragile and there are limitations to JWSC, Georgia Power, and other utilities when residents return. Due to the limitations of sanitary sewer, traffic control, and power there are hazards to public health that remain. Glynn County will be rebuilding from this disaster for months to come."

Emergency Management officials plan release more information this afternoon.