The search for Glynn County Schools’ next superintendent is underway, with applicants currently being sought by the Georgia School Boards Association.

The Glynn County board of education has contracted with GSBA to conduct a national search for a superintendent. Howard Mann, who has served as superintendent since 2009, will retire on June 30.

Board chairman Mike Hulsey said Friday that the applications will be posted until April 16.

“GSBA will then start the process of reviewing those applicants and putting those in different buckets, if you will, based on qualifications,” he said. “And they’ll forward those to us.”

The school board will then begin the process of interviewing. And while GSBA will assist, he said the Glynn County school board maintains complete control of the process.

“If there’s somebody that doesn’t make their cut, we can still look at that applicant,” he said.

Several current board members, including Hulsey, have previously been through GSBA’s superintendent search process.

“We really take two days and lock ourselves in a room and conduct the interviews,” he said. “GSBA was there to facilitate it, but we ask all the questions.”

He said the board is also discussing ways to gather public input throughout the process, including the options of conducting a survey and forming a small committee of community members who could offer feedback.

“When we have the finalists, we’ll certainly have open community forums, but we don’t know how that will look yet,” Hulsey said.

Community feedback will be an important component of the final decision, he said.

“We do want to encourage community feedback,” he said. “I think, as a board, we can do a good job at narrowing it down to the finalists. But as the process moves forward, we want to get additional feedback.”