Vernae Washington, 15, and Kiyanna Conaway, 16, pleaded guilty Friday to their involvement in a Jan. 17 armed robbery involving three other male suspects — two who were 18 and one who was 17 at the time of the crime — and a 17-year-old victim.

According to police and described in Glynn County Superior Court by Assistant District Attorney Liberty Stewart, Washington participated in a series of romantic messages with the victim and arranged to meet up with him late the night of Jan. 17 near his residence off Harry Driggers Boulevard.

According to details revealed in court, Washington took her mother’s Dodge Durango without permission and picked up Conaway, who drove them to pick up the three male defendants — Tyrone Joe Daniels, Aaron Jermaine Holland and Torrence Tymere Starke. Daniels took the wheel as they headed toward the residence of the victim. However, sometime in between, Conaway took over as driver again and the male suspects sat in the rear of the vehicle. Also, sometime between Daniels, Holland and Starke getting in the SUV, it was decided to rob the victim using, among other things, a shotgun the male suspects had with them.

When the victim got in the Durango, the male suspects allegedly choked him from behind and robbed him at gunpoint of his Louis Vuitton belt, necklace and cellphone.

Stewart said the evidence showed the girls rode up front in the vehicle and had less culpability in the crimes than that alleged of the male suspects.

Once the victim left the vehicle, they fled the area in the Durango until it ran out of gas not far from C.B. Greer Elementary School, at which point all the defendants exited the vehicle. Authorities later caught up to Washington and Conaway, who were walking along the road.

Both pleaded guilty to Count 1 of the indictment, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and were sentenced on a first-offender basis. Superior Court Judge Robert Guy sentenced Washington to 18 months at a youth detention center, with eight years and six months on probation and 100 hours community service. Guy suspended the $1,500 fine under the condition Washington obtain her GED.

While both girls cooperated with investigators, Conaway cooperated first with law enforcement and the district attorney’s office, as Stewart noted, and as such it was reflected in her sentence, which was one year in a youth detention center and nine years probation.

The three male defendants remain scheduled to go on trial Sept. 11.