Misha, the dog owned by a woman who lost her husband in an insterstate crash on Friday in Glynn County, was found safe on Monday.

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After the most harrowing experience of her life, Michelle Pike finally got some good news Monday. Her beloved dog, Misha, had been found.

Misha was lost after Pike and her husband, Kenny, were in an accident on I-95 Friday. The crash ejected Misha and left Pike with several injuries.

Kenny was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Since that time, Pike has been treated for her injuries and is resting with her sister, Monique Gallagher, in South Carolina.

Misha had been spotted around the Blythe Island area over the weekend. On Monday, a local resident found Misha and took her to the vet.

Pike and Gallagher were thrilled by the news.

“I am overwhelmed. I’m so overwhelmed. The people in Brunswick are so great. We are so happy. My sister got up out of bed,” Gallagher said through tears. “We are so grateful and will do whatever we have to do to bring her home.”

Just four days earlier, the pickup truck Michelle was driving, with trailer attached, contained most of their belongings. Just after noon, the car careened off the highway’s northbound lanes, crashing after what state troopers described as a vortex overtook the vehicle. The force ejected both Kenny and Misha while Michelle was trapped inside. She managed to crawl out of the wreckage to be by by her husband’s side as he took his last breaths.

Michelle, or “Mickey” as she is known to friends and family, was also hurt and was transported to the Southeast Georgia Health System for treatment.

Gallagher could barely maintain her composure while describing the incident from her South Carolina home Monday.

“By the grace of God she crawled out of the car to her husband,” she said, fighting tears.

In the chaos of the wreckage, Misha ran away. Finding the dog quickly became a primary focus for the family, who had already lost so much.

“They didn’t have a lot but most of their belongings were lost in the wreck. My sister also lost her mom and her uncle ... and now her husband. They couldn’t even find his wedding ring,” Gallagher said, crying.

That was earlier Monday, before many people in Glynn County reacted to social media posts about the family’s search for Misha.

By Monday evening, Misha had been found.

It was another bit of compassion in the worst of situations, Gallagher said.

In all of the heartache, Gallagher noted that there have been incredible moments of kindness. One woman who was first on the scene stayed with Michelle through the initial ordeal, even riding with her to the hospital.

“She sat with her and kept talking to distract her. She kept telling her about herself ... how she was divorced recently and had two boys. She was a hairdresser,” she said. “We don’t know who she was, just her first name, Tina, but she also gave my sister money out of her own pocket. She really was her angel that day.”