found dog

Amanda Owens with Southeast Georgia Veterinary Clinic checks on Misha Tuesday at the clinic. Owens and two of her co-workers picked up Misha after she was found on Blythe Island following a fatal wreck on I-95 Friday in which the dog was thrown from the car.

Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Misha laid quietly in her kennel Tuesday, cuddled up with a blanket and brand new squeaker toy. Amanda Owens spoke softly to the dog, who gently raised her head in response.

“The man who found her, he is a client of ours, he brought her a squeaky toy this morning ... and he brought us flowers,” said Owens, a veterinarian technician at Southeast Georgia Vet Clinic.

That man was Bill Harbison and he had heard about the search for Misha on Monday when he discovered the exhausted pup hiding in some bushes.

“He was afraid to touch her because he didn’t know how badly she was injured,” Owens said.

Incredibly, she only received scrapes and bruises from a fatal accident Friday. Misha was riding in a truck pulling a trailer with her family, Kenny and Michelle Pike, when they crashed along I-95.

Kenny was killed, Michelle was injured and Misha ran away. She was missing for several days, while Michelle went to recover with her sister, Monique Gallagher, who lives in South Carolina. But Michelle’s thoughts never left Misha. Gallagher spent Monday desperately contacting various agencies in Glynn County, trying to find the dog. She had been seen near Blythe Island and finally, exhausted, collapsed in Harbison’s yard.

He called the veterinarian’s office, where he takes his own pets and spoke with Dr. Shireen Hamid. She sent Owens, along with her fellow techs, Taylor Gordy and Kristi Underwood to retrieve the animal. After treating her, they discovered that she was, in fact, in very good shape.

“She has some scrapes on her lip and on her leg. She was exhausted and could barely lift her head yesterday,” Hamid said. “But she is doing great now. We took some labs just to be sure but she has been eating and is drinking. We spoke to (Gallagher) and they are arranging transportation to get her home.”

An animal transport volunteer has agreed to take Misha to South Carolina as soon as she is cleared to travel. The volunteer, Owens noted, refused to be paid for making the drive.

“We’re not charging them either,” Owens added. “We just wanted to take good care of her ... the same way we would hope someone would take care of us if this happened to one of our babies.”

Then she will be reunited with Pike, who has already lost so much. The family has established a Go Fund Me site for Pike’s recovery and to help with the costs.

“It took a community to get her home. This poor lady lost so much ... but at least she will have Misha,” Hamid said.