The prosecution rested its case Tuesday afternoon in Glynn County Superior Court in a trial against a man who allegedly committed armed robberies against four motels and a convenience store in August 2015.

A Glynn County jury will determine the fate of Ithemas L. Anderson, 49, following closing arguments this morning.

His son testified Tuesday that Anderson was the person visible in surveillance footage attempting to cash in a high-value Georgia Lottery ticket Sept. 1 that was stolen approximately 12 hours earlier from the Friendly Express near the intersection of Cypress Mill Road and the Golden Isles Parkway.

Monday, the Friendly Express clerk testified to, and surveillance video showed, a man committing an armed robbery and stealing two rolls of lottery scratch-off tickets worth $20 and $30 each, respectively. Anderson faces one count of lottery ticket fraud in addition to the four armed robbery counts.

Testimony on Tuesday largely consisted of a steady stream of Glynn County police officers, going over and confirming items seized from Anderson’s black Ford Expedition and the residence he shares with his wife and son. The clerk at the Jameson Inn who dealt with the robbery identified a dark-colored, Ford sport utility vehicle with shiny rims associated with the crime.

The investigation turned up a special type of rubber glove in the Expedition, in a linen closet in the residence, in a trash can outside the residence and in a trash can outside the Friendly Express. Investigators testified that sort of glove was only used by food handlers at Applebee’s — where Anderson worked — while nearby and similar restaurants stocked a cheaper style of glove.

Following testimony, Anderson said he would not testify in his own defense, and his attorney, Grayson Lane, said they do not intend to present evidence when the trial reconvenes today.

The jury will first only decide five of the six charges against him. Count 6 — possession of a firearm by a convicted felon — could have prejudiced the jury because of evidence of prior convictions. As such, the jury will take up that matter after deciding the armed robbery and lottery fraud counts.

Closing arguments are set to begin shortly after 9 a.m. at the Glynn County Courthouse.