Among reports filed with police:


1101 Gloucester St.: Haggling over a used car deal turned sour at The Well homeless center. One man attacked the other, inflicting head injuries that would later require stitches. The attacker and his girlfriend took off, but police caught them a block away. The man was arrested for aggravated assault and the woman for possession of drug-related items.

200 Urban Oaks Way: An argument between a man and his boyfriend grew physical, and the man’s mother asked police to intervene. Police noticed both men showed signs of injures, plus the stories they told did not add up. Police took both men to jail, charged with battery under the state’s Family Violence Act.

3319 Altama Ave.: This guy started raising a ruckus after getting fired from the Popeyes, sniping at former employees right in front of the customers. Police arrived and the man supposedly lied to them. Police took him too jail, charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct.

Armed Robbery

700 block of Dixie Boulevard: A man was closing the gate enclosing his business when he was approached by half a dozen men, who then attempted to rob him. No further details were available.


Yarnell Drive: A woman is pretty sure she knows the thief who stole her 2001 Toyota 4-Runner, she told police. The vehicle was stolen from her home during the evening. The woman did not report it to police at first because she was calling around hoping to track it down. She told police the man she thinks stole the vehicle also has been “texting her mean things,” the police report said.


3200 Treville Ave.: A girlfriend and a boyfriend got into an argument and the man became violent. He bit her on the arm and slapped her face, the marks of which were evident to responding police. The man was not there, but police have issued a warrant for his arrest.

— Larry Hobbs