Among reports filed by police:

Suspicious incident

1001 Mansfield St.: Some members of Glynn Academy’s Class of 2017 got a little carried away, toilet papering the trees and painting graffiti on the buildings of the campus. Some also slung trash around. City police showed up and caught a bunch of the outgoing seniors in the act. They were “made to clean up the majority of the mess,” the report states. City police called school police and turned the kids over to them.

1400 block of Sonny Miller Way: A party broke out at Howard Coffin Park, complete with “profane music” being played at an irksome decibel, according to a nearby resident who complained to police. Police arrived and issued the revelers a “verbal warning.”

3400 Cypress Mill Road: The manager of a business made a night deposit at a bank, then realized it was a big mistake. Police said the bank in question “has been closed down and vacant for several years.”

Cypress Mill Road: Camden County sheriff’s deputies pursued a suspected criminal all the way to Brunswick. The suspect ditched the getaway vehicle on Old Tram Road and ran off. City police put a K9 on the suspect’s trail, but the dog eventually lost the scent.


53 Scranton Connector: Car thieves absconded with a black Chevrolet Equinox, which was parked in a business parking lot between late afternoon and early morning.

5800 block of Altama Avenue: A man accidentally left the keys inside the vehicle while bringing in groceries at his apartment complex. Someone stole the vehicle.


2100 Stonewall Street: A man came home and found someone had busted through the front door and left it open. “Two electronic items were stolen,” the report said.

Attempted Burglary

1600 block of Norwich St.: A would-be burglar came in through the bathroom window, pointed a BB gun at the resident and demanded money. But the resident was having none of it, and a struggle ensued. The burglar split, empty handed. The resident refused treatment for “minor injuries.”


Hopkins Homes: A man came to a woman’s residence, asking after another woman who was not there. The woman who was home agreed to go for a ride with the man. The man threatened the woman, forcing her to use her ATM card to withdraw money. The man took the money, dropped her off at her residence and drove away.

— Larry Hobbs