Among reports filed with police


1500 block of Albany Street: Police were called to a home about a possible suicide attempt. What they found was an intoxicated woman punching her boyfriend while he slept. She ran from the bedroom, grabbed a razor blade and tried cut her own fingers. Police arrested her for misdemeanor battery, took her to the hospital emergency room for medical clearance and then took her to jail.

171 Golden Isles Plaza: A security guard at Bealls Outlet caught a woman stuffing $73 worth of clothing into her purse’s inside lining, then walking out of the store. Police arrived and took the 38-year-old woman to jail, charged with misdemeanor theft by shoplifting. Later on in that shift, the same Bealls security officer caught a 17-year-old boy shoplifting. The same police officer also took him to jail.

Blythe Island Highway and U.S. Highway 17: A police officer was watching when a man drove a 1996 Thunderbird out of a parking lot onto Blythe Island Highway, overcompensating while negotiating a turn. As the officer followed, the man swerved until both driver’s side tires went over the yellow center lines. The officer arrested the man and took him to jail, charged with DUI/less safe, driving with a suspended license and failure to maintain a lane.


101 Torras Drive: A manager at Walgreens caught a man trying to swipe a bottle of cough syrup. The manager recovered the cough syrup, but called police to make sure he did not have to deal with the guy again. Police arrived and issued the man a criminal trespass warning.

— Larry Hobbs