Among reports filed with police:


3200 block of Glynn Avenue: A man and woman who co-parented the same children were fighting. The woman told police the man attacked her. The man said the woman threw a bottle through a window, flying glass from which cut his face. Police found the evidence credible enough to arrest both on assault charges under the state’s Family Violence Act.

11 Glynn Plaza: A Wal-Mart shopper reported seeing a naked man in a car in the parking lot. Police had a talk with the man, who lied about his identity. But the name he gave was of a man wanted for arrest by the city. His real name did not help any. Police took him to jail on an outstanding felony drug arrest warrant from Alachua, Fla.

U.S. Highway 17 and Golden Isles Parkway: Police stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation, and took the driver to jail for DUI. Once at the jail, guards discovered the man was hiding drugs “in a bodily cavity,” the report said.

Suspicious Incident

1000 block of Mansfield Street: A concerned citizen told a passing police officer that two kids broke into the Glynn Academy gymnasium. The youngsters had actually gone into to the gym to shoot some hoops and watch the girls volleyball team practice. The officer took the two “home to their grandmother,” the report said.

Shots Fired

2700 block of Stonewall Street: Someone called police after hearing shots fired. It turns out, police learned, someone had blasted away at a rental car with a shotgun and a handgun. Police found a shell casing from yet another caliber gun nearby.

Stolen Car

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and G. Street: A woman left her vehicle unlocked with the keys in the ignition and the engine running. A thief drove away.

— Larry Hobbs