Bridge over Dunbar Creek closed on Sea Island Road

Ben Pierce, a Glynn County Public Works division manager, points out how supports for the Dunbar Creek bridge on Sea Island are showing when they shouldn’t be.

Taylor Cooper/The Brunswick News

Glynn County Public Works blocked off the bridge over Dunbar Creek on Sea Island Road Tuesday at around noon because of structure integrity issues. Those attempting to travel through that section of Sea Island Road will need to find another route.

Hurricane Irma had washed away some mud from under the bridge, eroding support for the road at both ends.

Public Works Division Manager Ben Pierce said supports under the bridge should not be visible, and the lack of support could lead to the road and bridge becoming uneven.

A company already contracted to repair cracks in the road will be holding the situation. Cement will, be poured into a mold around the base of the supports. Pierce said the contractor may not be able to perform the repairs until Wednesday.