The .25 caliber handgun was not loaded and had no magazine, but that is beside the point for Glynn County School officials trying to figure out why a 6-year-old Golden Elementary student brought it to school Thursday morning.

County School Police want to know how the child obtained a handgun to bring to school in the first place.

Grown ups discovered the handgun was on campus when students told a Golden Isles paraprofessional that the boy was showing him the gun. She immediately confiscated the gun. Schools police found the incident alarming, even though there was never a threat since the gun was unloaded and incapable of firing, School Police Chief Rod Ellis said.

“A school lockdown was not initiated since there was no threat to other students once the weapon was removed by the staff member,” Ellis said. “The school day continued as normal.”

Ellis praised the students for recognizing the danger of a child with a gun and then reporting it to adults.

“Credit goes to the students who knew to do the right thing and say something to an adult, and to the paraprofessional who took immediate action.”

Golden Isles Elementary Principal Kathryn Matthews sent a letter home with each student as well as automated calls to inform parents of the gun on campus. School police are looking into how the child obtained the gun and why it was brought to school.

School officials said “appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the student,” a press release said.

Parents with further questions can contact Chief Ellis at 267-4100, ext. 7111, or County Schools Public Relations Director Jim Weidhaas at 577-0651.