Arroyo Faustino probably did not think things could get any worse on the night of April 10, when he had to sleep in his car at a garage parking lot after it broke down on Interstate-95 in Glynn County.

But at least he is not Jeremy Jones. Or Matthew Levi Strickland. Both men remained in the Glynn County Detention Center after allegedly attempting to burglarize Faustino’s car and numerous others that were parked at J & J Tire Service that night, according to Glynn County Police.

Police said Faustino startled the two men when they allegedly tried to break into his 2002 Mazda Tribute as he sat inside. The men allegedly uttered an expletive, ran to their vehicle and drove away. Faustino called police.

He gave police a good description of both men, who also were allegedly caught on the garage’s security surveillance video.

The two men were arrested by Glynn County Police on Tuesday, according jail records. Strickland, 22, is charged with 10 counts of second degree burglary. Jones, 42, is charged with eight counts of second degree burglary. The address listed for both men is 7446 Blythe Island Highway.

When Faustino’s car broke down while passing through Glynn County, the Bridgeport, Conn., resident and his Mazda were towed to J & J Tire, located at 233 Candler Drive off of Exit 29, the police report said. It was closed when he arrived at 6 p.m., so he decided to sleep in his car until it opened the next day.

A car pulled into the parking lot. Faustino later told police he assumed the two men who got out of it were employees. Then they allegedly started going through cars, holding flashlights.

When they tried the right front door of Faustino’s car, he made his presence known.

“He advised that he jumped out of his car and one of the males made the exlamation, ‘Oh, s---!,’” the report said.

Police allege the men broke into at least nine other cars in the lot.