Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Executive Director Heather Heath talks to a group of students at The Ritz.

Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Food and film — the two simply go hand in hand. As evidence, one has to look no further than the age-old dinner and a movie combo.

But there are always ways to create a new spin on a classic idea. That is precisely what Heather Heath hoped to do when she came up with the idea for Cinema Gourmet. The program, offered by the Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Association, pairs classic films with delectable dishes, as well as a discussion about the movie.

“Cinema Gourmet is our film series that offers a screening of a classic movie preceded by delicious food from Indigo Coastal Shanty, and an insightful talk about what makes the film a must see. We have been bringing the October-to-April series to the Golden Isles since 2013,” Heath, executive director of the association, said.

The first film of the season is certainly one that will be recognized, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” by Stanley Kubrick. From 1968, it is a story that explores the nature of existence, time and space.

The program will begin 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Ritz, 1530 Newcastle Street, Brunswick. Tickets must be purchased by midnight today either online or by calling the box office at 262-6934. Tickets are $18 for the dinner and the movie. Tickets for the film alone are $7 and may be purchased Thursday at the box office.

Heath said that the combo is an affordable and fun option for locals.

“Cinema Gourmet is a great introduction to classic films for those that haven’t seen many of them before and a great way to enjoy them if you have. There is a real sense of community as folks eat together prior to the talk — and the food is always awesome,” Heath said.

“The talk about the film not only gives interesting facts (and sometimes gossip) about the making of the film but the information lets patrons look at these films with fresh eyes if they have seen it before and helps them understand why it is considered a great or classic film.”

After the initial film, dinner and discussion, others will follow. In November, Heath said they will show “Dr. Strangelove” on Nov. 9; “Mon Oncle” on Jan. 11; “Much Ado About Nothing,” Feb. 8; “Chinatown” on March 15 and “Some Like it Hot” April 12. Heath says that the selections will offer a variety of styles and themes for attendees.

“We tend to look at the ‘top’ lists — Sight and Sound, AFI to see what critics and viewers consider the best films of all time. We also try to match screenings to other events that may be going on too — our February film ties into The Big Read this year for example,” she said.