The Marshes of Glynn SAR Chapter participated in an annual celebration at the Fort Morris Historic Site near Midway on Nov. 19 within Georgia’s only Revolutionary War earthwork remains. In 1776, Fort Morris was built on the Medway River to protect the seaports at Savannah and Sunbury from the British soldiers in St. Augustine. When the British Colonel demanded the fort’s surrender on Nov. 25, 1778, the defiant Patriot Colonel John McIntosh replied, “Come and take it!” The British refused and withdrew back to Florida. Forty-five days later, they returned with a superior force, and on Jan. 9, 1779, Fort Morris fell after a short but heavy bombardment.

Pictured are members of the Marshes of Glynn SAR Bill Ramsaur, from left, Jimmy Boatright and Steven Hinson, with Larry Fenhrenbaker, vice-president general, South Atlantic District.