Submitted by Molly Duckworth

Golden Isles Rotary presented a special check to the Coastal Outreach Soccer (COS) Program. The check for $2,500 was in support of the COS Coffin Park Project which will provide better and additional playing fields for the group.

Sean Williams, who leads the COS, provided an update on what is happening with the program. The children participating in the soccer program are currently working on the space. They are hoping to have an additional playable field in 30 days.

Williams also noted that 10 of the program participants are starting college this fall and eight are on scholarship. One young lady recently received an offer with substantial scholarship; she is not only a soccer player, but graduated in May with a 4.1 GPA and 40 college credits.

Pictured are Rotarian Starling Sutton, Sean Williams, Coach Neil and past club president, Bill Austin.