Submitted by Kristin Wallace

The Girl Scout Cadettes of Troop 30346 are working on their Silver Award Project, the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn.

The girls decided together to do a project that would make an impact on our beaches. After they watched beachgoers leave the beach with handfuls of sandollars, the girls knew that they wanted to do their part to help protect the living wildlife that was being taken. They contacted the local DNR and nature centers on Jekyll Island to learn about rules and codes that are in place that pertain to removing wildlife from our beaches. The girls designed their project to be an educational tool for anyone visiting our beaches.

They came up with the idea to make rack cards to distribute to hotels on Jekyll and Saint Simons Islands, as well as other local businesses. The girls designed a card to show characteristics of living vs non living, and what was ok to take from the beach, and what should be left alone. While delivering the cards, many hotel workers were excited by their project beacause they said that guests frequently ask them if the animals that they’ve collected are alive or not.

Pictured are Corinne Hill, from left, Miriam Doering, Caroline Wallace and Amelia Hardman.