School police: Bathroom graffiti not credible threat

A graffiti carving on the wall of a bathroom stall discovered at Glynn Academy Thursday warning that someone would “shoot up the school” on Friday is not a credible threat, according to Glynn County School Police Chief Rod Ellis.

“While this threat has not been proven credible, or connected to any particular student, we will gauge our response accordingly to be extra vigilant during the day (Friday),” Ellis said in a statement. “Glynn County School Police will station extra officers at the school, and we will advise our outside public safety partners, yet school will continue as planned.”

Glynn Academy Principal Scott Spence sent out an “all-call” advising parents about the carving that Ellis said has been “embellished on social media.”

“We will continue to investigate this matter to determine who wrote these texts,” Ellis said.

— The News