Re-entry back into Glynn County has been restricted, according to a CodeRED announcement sent this afternoon.

The announcement read as follows:

"Glynn County, local, and state officials are working diligently to develop a plan for a quick and efficient re-entry process. For those of you who are currently in Glynn County, please continue to shelter-in-place. For those of you away from home, we understand that this hurricane has disrupted your lives on multiple levels, however re-entry into Glynn County is not allowed until further notice. Assessment teams are being deployed to determine the damage to the community and will repair the damage as rapidly as possible. Widespread power outages, limited water and sewer capabilities, fallen trees, downed power lines, and flooded neighborhoods create for a life-threatening combination and it is simply not safe for you to return. Law enforcement personnel at various checkpoints will be restricting re-entry. Shelter-in-place and we will notify citizens when it is safe to return."