Just because Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has lifted the mandatory evacuation for the state’s six coastal counties doesn’t mean local officials have done the same for Glynn County.

In an executive order on Tuesday Gov. Deal lifted the evacuation order and allowed each political subdivision to decide when best to allow re-entry of its residents.

It is still in effect in Glynn County and anyone who doesn’t have a Phase 2 critical worker re-entry pass will not be admitted other than hospital workers with proper credentials.

Jay Wiggins, Director of Glynn County’s Emergency Management Agency, said, “For every minute that we have to ourselves to work it’s worth an hour of recovery.”

“We still don’t have power or water. We don’t want to put anyone in harm’s way,” he said. “If we can take today then very shortly we can get people back.”

Officials have not given any official timeline yet as to when they will let people back in the county.

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