A Cadillac with no license plate led Georgia State Patrol troopers on a harrowing pursuit Thursday morning on Interstate 95, exceeding speeds of 140 mph while passing other vehicles in the emergency lane, according to emergency radio communications.

The chase ended at 9:59 a.m. when a trooper announced that the vehicle had stopped near Exit 29. "Brunswick, he stopped," the trooper said.

The southbound chase began around 9:48 a.m. north of I-95's Golden Isles Parkway exit, radio communications indicated. The dispatcher said a white Cadillac with "no tags" was driving 130 mph. The occupants were described as two men and a woman.

The vehicle managed to elude tire puncturing "stop sticks" that state troopers placed ahead of the vehicle as it barreled south on I-95, radio communications indicated. Another trooper attempted to pit the vehicle, a tactical maneuver in which the trooper's vehicle intentionally bumps the suspect's vehicle to force it into a spin.

Shortly after, troopers announced the vehicle was continuing south, now traveling "in excesses of 140 mph," according to emergency radio communications. "Just tell 'em to be careful because he's all over the place," a trooper warned at 9:57 a.m.

Two minutes later, a trooper announced the vehicle had stopped. "Brunswick," he stopped," a trooper said.